Talk about making the best use of time during Covid lockdowns

3 years ago Madz couldn’t sing or play a guitar.

Today she can do those things better than most people and last night she sang, with a couple of mates, for the first time ever, at an open mike event in a Bar.

What’s makes it even better is that  amongst her set, she was gutsy enough to sing a song  that she wrote. “Together Again”.  (That’s the videos that is attached to this email)

One of the reasons Madz did this performance was in preparation for her upcoming live performance at the Seeds festival, where she is planning to  play her guitar and sing.

Madz is the first to say she couldn’t have got to this point alone.  I know how worried she can  get about things and how, in the past,  that worrying  has stopped her from taking on some new opportunities. Madz had fantastic support along the way from a couple of our staff who are musicians,  who love music and shared  Madz’s enthusiasm and willingness to give it a go.

Of course we  have seen this journey over the past few years and we are incredibly proud of both Madz and our staff. But we are even happier that once again an important point has been proven.  If you can assist  people to find things that they are interested and passionate about and you put them alongside people who share those interests then good things happen.

Madz’s music is a good thing that is happening!!

Have a look at Madz and Sarah singing the song Madz wrote during covid