Working with you

What We Do at Milparinka……

We provide a range of supports, opportunities and connections which enable people who have a disability to achieve their ambitions and have better stories to tell.

We think it is very important at the beginning of our relationship to get to know you to understand where we can contribute and make a difference. Equally before you decide if Milparinka is somewhere that can be of assistance to you it is important that you know how we think about things and what we believe. What we believe will shape how we work with, and relate to, you.

Some of the key things we believe are that:

  • We need to get to know you well to be able to make contributions that make sense to you.
  • Money doesn’t think; people do. It doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend, without the opportunity to think deeply about things opportunities will be lost.
  • We believe success is measured one person at a time, through people telling us that their lives are richer and more fulfilled.
  • Getting a good life is a very different thing to getting a good service.
  • It doesn’t matter how significant a person’s disability is, all people have different talents and things to offer and better outcomes are achieved when people are supported to imagine better and expect more.

You can find about more about specific services we provide by clicking on the links on this page, or if you prefer, you can give us a call or make an enquiry by completing the form below: