Managing Your Plan’s Funding

There are three ways the funding for your NDIS Plan can be managed, for detailed information on them please see NDIS Website | Ways to manage your funding. These can be summarised as follows:

Self-managed funding

This funding method allows for the greatest of choice as you can choose any service provider you want, whether they be NDIS Registered or not. However, this funding method also involves the greatest amount of time from you. If you want to design and direct your own supports, are good at managing money, have the time and a wiz at admin, this is the one for you.

Plan-managed funding

This funding method also allows for the greatest of choice as you can choose any service provider you want, whether they be NDIS Registered or not. However, with this funding model you engage a Plan Manager, who is responsible for processing any invoices you receive from your service providers and dealing with all the NDIS Funding Claims. Funding to pay the Plan manager is included in your plan, so this means if you would like to be Plan-managed you must request it at your plan review Meeting.

Now, whilst we are on the topic of Plan Review Meetings, if you wish to give Self-managed funding a go but don’t necessarily think you have all the skills ticked off, ask your reviewer for you Plan to be Plan-managed also ask for addition funding for Self-managed. It may sound odd, but you can only get funding for learning to be Self-managed when you are plan-managed.

NDIA-managed funding also known as Agency-managed funding

This funding method only permits you to use NDIS Registered Service Providers. However, if you have built up great relationships with a small number of service providers and they are all NDIS Registered then this funding method requires the lowest amount of your time in regards to administration.

In this model you will have a Service Agreement with each provider your use. This enables them to submit claims for payment directly though the NDIS portal, after they have provided the agreed supports.

It is important that you read and understand your Plan as each of it’s categories may have different methods of fund management

For Example

Your Core may have Plan-managed

Your Adaptive Technology and Consumables may be NDIS-managed

So how can we help

Milparinka’s primary service is to support our clients, within our Finance Team we have staff who can assist no matter which method you have for managing the funding of your plan. Whether that be the issuing of timely invoices for you to self-manage, claiming our services directly from the NDIS as part of a NDIS-Managed plan or though you utilising our small inhouse Plan Management function