Recreation – What, When and How You Want It

We provide recreational and leisure opportunities for lots of people and it is getting harder for us to tell you what that program looks like. The reason for this is that our recreation and leisure programs are not something we structure and you fit into, our program is designed to develop and change shape in response to what any individual wants from it. Amongst other things one of the best things about recreation and leisure is that it can create moments in time when friendships can grow. This is much more likely to happen when you are choosing what you want to do, who you want to do it with and when you want to do it.

Do you want to have individualised supports and attend things with just you and a support worker, do you want to do things with a small group of 2 to 3 friends, do you want to be part of a theatre group, or go out for dinner and to see a band on a Friday night? Maybe for you its bushwalking on a Sunday afternoon or getting away overnight with some mates camping, or something more comfortable, down to the hot springs, beach or countryside.

Our recreation program looks different for different people. Some people like to book in regular activities with a couple of mates every few weeks with bits they add on in between. Other people like to book a theatre visit every couple of months, some people want to be supported to regularly attend things like Yoga or other classes where they are spending time with people who share interests in common with them.

Having a process where we don’t provide you with a timetable of activities but instead ask you to tell us what you want to do, when you want to do it and who you want to do it with is definitely not easy for everyone. If that is you, don’t worry too much about that. Talk to us and we will work with you to develop things that make sense to you. We can provide a range of ideas and notice boards of activities and we will try and match you with people who have similar interests. Even when we suggest activities to you, you will still get the opportunity to tell us if you have a preferred time or people who you prefer to do this with.

All activities are limited to a maximum of three people per activity.