Multicultural Lantern Festival 2022

The Multicultural Lantern Festival was held at Milparinka on the 18th September 2002. It was a terrific community event organised by the Bach Viet Dance Group. The festival was full of colour, music, action and celebration of culture. Greek dancing, by the Greek Community in Melbourne Dancers  and musicians  and Vietnamese dancing by the Bach Viet Group were a feature along with the a lantern parade, food and a visiting dragon. 
When we experience cultures coming together and celebrating like this it reminds us of what a fantastic country we live in. 
The Multicultural  festival is important to us and our community. It’s fantastic to celebrate diversity and  the richness of our community but as a disability support service it has added value for us.  Its about Milparinka being, not just a disability service that only welcomes people with different needs, but  a community place shared with everyone in our community. When that sharing happens the people who we love and support get more opportunities  to meet and share space, friendships, conversations and experiences with a lot  more people. Meeting more good people in your life and having more experiences is a good thing to do and for most people it gives them better stories to tell in their lives.