Seeds 2022

The Gardening Australia Magazine Showcases Our Communal Garden: SEEDS


You can read the Article here:  Gardening Australia Article July 2022  Published in ABC Gardening Australia magazine, July 2022

In case you have missed knowing about SEEDS,  it is our communal garden, at the Brunswick site,  which creates connections and opportunities for people who love gardening, from within Milparinka and from our local community.

Its also just a nice place for people to sit and relax in.

The article gives a great description of the garden and the fantastic people who work in it,  but one of the things that I would like to add is about the starting point. Being an article about the garden itself it didn’t have space to reflect on the incredible efforts that members of our community put in at the beginning of this process to start this journey so that we could  get to the point we are at now.  Participants, family members and their friends, Milparinka  staff and some local businesses came together years ago with a whole lot of shovels and other tools to dig up what was just a large patch of grass to create the beginnings of a fantastic journey.  Those people came together to help out because we made a promise.  We promised that with their help we would try and build something that created opportunity for people who we cared about,  to provide them with a  better place to be in, to have a place that gave them the opportunity to connect with people from the community who shared their love of gardening, and which created roles for many participants that connected them to people and places in our local community, one person at a time.

It is good to be able to say that we have kept that promise.  I know those people who came together to start this garden, and those that have followed since, will know that we are incredibly grateful for the work and commitment they provided, but I also know that those same people will take a lot more pleasure in  knowing that their efforts have given a lot of people better stories to tell  in their lives. Thanks for that.