Young Women

Sometimes It Is Not Just About What People Do, It Is Also About Who Is Doing It.

In 2020, in the week before Christmas we will be dropped off to people a Christmas package. This package was made up of three things that have been made or created by participants from the Milparinka community. Each of these things, a calendar, a card and some biscuits are of fantastic quality and each comes with an even better story than the item itself.

Each of these inspiring young creators have had to face at times in their lives, a barrage of people who saw their deficits first and struggled to see the assets that would enable them to make contributions and differences to their communities and the lives of other people around them. At Milparinka we share stories with our community and lots of other people so that you can see what others are doing and be encouraged and know that with the right supports people can build on their capacities in unexpected ways, at the same time as responding to their needs. One thing that is a constant surprise to us is when we meet with people from different places and they tell us about things that can’t be done. Then we get to share stories like Karlin’s, Jayde’s and Oceane’s and we can tell them how the things they say can’t be done are being done 2 km down the road. However, sometimes as in this case, it’s not just about what is done, sometimes it’s just as important about who has done it.

The items that we sent out have all been created all by young women who have a disability, who have built on their assets and who have all been supported by other young women to do this.

Young Women