Brokerage/Agency Hosting Funds

  • Your funds come directly to Milparinka from DHHS
  • You tell us what you want it used for
  • You can purchase support staff, planning support and other services from Milparinka, or anyone else.
  • Milparinka will charge a fee for the funds that it manages on your behalf
  • We do all of the paper work and reporting to DHHS
  • This model has a very high degree of family and individual choice and is tailor made for each family and individual.


Stephen and his mother know how they want to use their funding having done their own thinking and planning.

They don’t need any specific supports from a service or if they do they want to be able to manage and direct this themselves. What they don’t want to do is to have the responsibility of managing all the funding and reporting to the Department of Human Services.

To avoid this they asked Milparinka to host their funds. This means that they have directed DHSS to send their funds to Milparinka to manage on their behalf. They then tell Milparinka, through an agreed process, what they want to pay for. They use their funds to purchase things like gym and youth club memberships, art classes, personal trainer costs, music lessons and occasional staff support form an Agency as they need it.

While some families, who use Brokerage, purchase supports from Milparinka for things such as interviewing, one-on-one staff, planning and negotiating of new work roles with community places, Stephen’s family does not do that.

Stephen’s family has no need to purchase any direct services from Milparinka other than the management of funds for which they pay a fee.