Group Supports

  • Your funds come directly to Milparinka from DHHS
  • The person attends our day centre and takes part in groups where they share staff with others
  • Individual needs and ambitions influence design, however the daily services are shared with a group of other people
  • Groups provide the maximum hours of support for funding
  • We do all of the paper work and reporting to DHHS
  • This provides the least amount of influence on design and direction by families and individuals


John spends all of his funding on purchasing group supports at Milparinka. He has full time funding so attends five days a week sharing his days with a group of around 5 to 7 people usually supported by 2 staff. John participates in a range of activities. These can be very different things such communication support and the use of IPads and other aids, sensory activities and structured learning programs.

John and his family regularly have discussions and conversations about what he wants out of his service. As much as possible group supports are developed around the individual needs and ambitions of all members of the group.

John and his family discusses his individual needs and ambitions with us and as far as possible this influences the design and structure of the groups programs and opportunities provided.

While John has chosen to stay in groups some people start in groups and move to more individualised models of support over time

Full time funding usually translates into 5 days, 6 hours per day support based at Milparinka and includes many community outings.