Shared Management In Individualised Arrangements

– Your funds come directly to Milparinka from DHHS – You tell us what you want it used for. – This option is similar to brokerage, in that you decide how your money is spent, but you delegate to Milparinka a greater level of responsibility in the development and management of supports. – You delegate to Milparinka responsibilities that you want us to take on. This can be a little or a lot. – We do all the paper work – Milparinka will charge a fee for the funds that it manages on your behalf or for any services that is provides – The is a high degree of family and individual choice and is tailor made for each family and individual.


In Shared Management you can vary the amount of control and work load that you want to have in the planning and management of supports. Sally and her parents share management of supports with Milparinka. They decided what roles they wanted in the development of opportunities, what sort of a work load they would prefer, and what responsibilities they wanted Milparinka to have. For example, supervising staff and directing Milparinka to pay all accounts and reporting to DHHS. Sally has a number of part time work and volunteer roles. Sally’s parents will come up with ideas for Milparinka staff to follow up on. When staff are employed to work with Sally, she and her family, have final approval on who is employed. While in many agencies planning occurs formally once a year, Sally, her parents and Milparinka staff often meet or talk about arrangements and how new opportunities can be developed. While Sally and her parents can ask Milparinka to go out and find new opportunities for her, no decisions are made without their input. It is only after they have given their ideas and impressions that any new ideas or directions are implemented. Sally’s family have over the years, allocated more or less responsibility to Milparinka depending on the level of time or energy they have. Like Sally’s family you can do a lot, or a little to manage your supports and over time change the level of your input.