Combined Groups and Individual Supports

  • Your funds come directly to Milparinka from DHHS
  • You allocate some of the funding to groups and some to individual supports. The amounts are up to you.
  • See the Group Supports Page for information about groups
  • Individual funds can be used in a brokerage or shared management model
  • There are less hours than a group model as individual supports are more expensive
  • We do all of the paper work and reporting to DHHS
  • This provides a high amount of influence and design in the individualised component of the support with tailor made supports


Peter’s funding is separated into two parts. Some funding is allocated to groups and some funding is allocated to individual support. The amount allocated to each is determined by him. Peter has full-time funding but only attends group programs for three days a week which leaves him with a small number of hours for individualised support and creating valuable roles and connections in his community.

Peter uses his individualised hours to be supported in two different part-time work roles. He works for two hours in a doctor’s surgery shredding documents, and he also works two hours in a nursery, watering plants and doing gardening chores. On the days that he works he does not attend the groups at Milparinka.

The way that Peter has allocated his funding means that it buys less support hours because one on one support is more expensive. However these hours create significant opportunity. Peter has grown more valued roles in his community now preferring his two jobs to the groups and is wanting to take on more work roles.

Peters family once believed he would need to be supported in groups forever; they are now the key drivers in these new opportunities and are excited by his enthusiasm and growth.